Building Construction

For any requirements, please directly call +84 8 6673 8866 & Hotline 0902 15 25 35, or send us requirements through website by filling out the contact us form.

Construction surveying and receive specific request

Sales Department and Project Management Department work together to meet and receive requirements from customers, collect documents that are related to the project; implement construction surveying.

Preliminary discussion and advise customers the construction services.

Quantity surveyor, make quotation estimation

The Project Management Department in charge of QS and estimate the construction quotation.

Send quotation to customers.

Negotiate, sign construction contract

If the quotation is approved, the Project Management Department will draft the contract, discuss detail regulations with customers.

The BOD from two sides sign the construction contract.

Contract Implementation

  • Prepare the personnel, supplies, construction machinery that are needed.
  • Constructing work items as listed in the signed contract.
  • Assign supervision engineer, acceptance of work items according to regulations.

Acceptance of work, liquidate the contract, construction warranty.

Completed the finished works document. Construction project acceptance minute.

Liquidate the contract and construction warranty

  • Liquidate the contract according to signed contract.
  • Implement construction warranty as regulations.
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