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innovative construction solutions since 1976

innovative construction solutions since 1976

innovative construction solutions since 1976

innovative construction solutions since 1976




  • Comply with the company rules and regulations.
  • Be serious about work, comply with the reasonable direction of superiors.
  • Create disciplining yourself by doing commitments.
  • Always amendment itself, enhance moral behavior, sense of organization.


  • Be honest in providing and sharing information, except the confidential information as company rules.
  • Be honest about your ability, capability, benefit and obligations.
  • Frankly share constructive opinion, honestly apologize after making a mistake.
  • Be honest with colleagues; ready to share, help and support as need.


  • Consider all the aspects of a problem multi-dimensionally..
  • Balance between the rational and emotional action.
  • Focus and listen actively in communicating.
  • “Words must be weighed, not counted”.


  • Be determined to overcome the challenges, develop success from failures.
  • Keep working highly to achieve the goals.
  • Only leave your workplace when finishing your work.
  • Be calm in communication with partners – colleagues.

Continuous learning

  • Never self-satisfied with the achieved results.
  • Learning new things, constantly creative to work effectively and successfully.
  • Learning experiences and knowledge not only from the senior, but also from the others.
  • Always strive for better results.


  • Always respect partners, customers and colleagues.
  • Respect public and private interests.
  • Respect the time, commitment, processes.
  • Nurture and sustain good working relationships with colleagues, partners.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy of DESCON Construction Corporation (DESCON) has been established and issued from the early days of Descon foundation in 1976 to provide the construction services and products with the best quality for clients, fitting to clients’ budget, executing projects on schedule and safety.

We are committed to implement the quality policy through:

  • Recruiting and training staffs of high-skilled engineers, architects, supervisors, foreman team and project managers and ensure compliance to implement Quality Policy of DESCON during the project.
  • Cooperating with reputable suppliers, sub-contractors: closely control the supply of building materials & supplies high quality technical and clear origin to ensure quality work to ensure the quality of the projects, meet the requirements of clients.
  • Improving continuously quality management system in compliance with the management system standard ISO 9001:2008, complying and strictly controlling the construction process: material sourcing; technical measures; construction schedule; SHE regulations and methods to prevent and reduce risks.
  • Organizing training courses to improve the professional knowledge for management team and construction personnel on sites.
  • Complying with the provisions of laws, industry regulations, standards and codes of business lines.
  • Efforts to implement the commitment to quality and progress of work with partners

We understand the value of trust and understanding and we are working hard to perform our quality commitment in order to create sustainable projects.

Health, safety and environment policy statement

At Descon, Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) of employees, the consultants, third party personnel and personnel of the investor are always considered as the most important issue, therefore, the company has always focused on:

  • We instruct that the effective Health, Safety and Environment Management are a business imperative equal to profit and production; and if in any insufficient event, safety is at top priority.
  • We instruct that the effective Health, Safety and Environment Management is a line management responsibility, to be auctioned and enjoyed by everyone.
  • We instruct that working safety is a necessary condition of employees using relevant risk control tools to schedule activities.
  • We instruct that all our operations shall fully comply with Descon’s SHE management system, legal and regulatory requirements enhanced for local requirements.
  • We consider that all injuries and incidents are preventable through the effective investigation, inspection, audit, training, commitment, preparation and co-operation of all parties involved.
  • We shall continuously seek for the best ways to improve our Health, Safety and Environment performance including reviewing past performance and setting targets for the future.
  • We shall provide the necessary human and financial resources to implement and maintain an effective health, safety and environment organization.
  • We shall provide professional SHE guidance, monitor and measure the company’s performance and require progress reports with action plans as required.
  • Wherever practicable, we will consult with and involve employees to help develop a shared and positive attitude that encourages openness, contributions, reporting of hazards, early warning signs, health systems and mutual assistance so that benefits can be enjoyed by all
  • The Health, Safety and Environment Management System of Descon complies with the requirements of local standard and the international standard BS 18001:2007 and forms part of Descon Process Management System which is available to all employees on Descon’s local network.

All employees are directed to do everything reasonable and necessary as and when required to conform to this policy. Note: No job is so urgent or so important that it cannot be done safely.