innovative construction solutions since 1976

Innovative construction solutions since 1976

Innovative construction solutions since 1976

Innovative construction solutions since 1976

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  • Right person – Right job.
  • Always aiming to diversify sources of candidates from students with outstanding academic achievement to candidates with appropriate skills, experiences, high specialized qualifications which are match with the job requirements.
  • The recruitment is reviewed in perspective of sense of justice and publicly, irrespective of race, religion, gender or age.


  • Training is a way to support the professional development of the staff.
  • All members are encouraged to raise the level and knowledge, whether in the form of participate in the internal course organized by company or external training courses.
  • The training will be conducted based on the proposals of each department, and based on existing resources and career goals of employees.


Wages and bonuses policy based on equity objectives, to improve work efficiency and ensure overall competitiveness in the market.

Salary and bonuses is paid based on:

  • Different responsibilities of each job position.
  • The level of knowledge and skills of each employee.
  • Work efficiency.

Outdoor Activities

Through outdoor activities which are organized regularly, not only the traditional values are maintained and promoted, but also the spiritual needs of employees are met, giving them the excitement at work . Descon usually organizes meetings, picnics, tourism, culture exchange and sport for the staff, along with small gifts on holidays such as 8/3, 20 / 10, employee birthday ... This is a chance for people to become closer, to share the difficulties and happiness in the job as well as emotional feelings in life; strive and contribute together to build the developing Descon.

Career Development

At Descon, we do not just only build construction, but also invested outside the career development policy which is complemented vertically (hierarchical) and in width, through the rotation work between departments within the company to promote more new skills.
Company builds standard capacity framework includes general capacity, core competencies and professional competencies for each job position, implement an assessment of existing capacity of employee and orienting them for full capable of assuming higher positions in the future.
Inquisitive spirit wherever you are will always get the incentive. The continuous learning will help employees keep up with the evolution of the rapidly changing environment which helps increase the efficiency of the company.

Vertical Development Route (Office)

Experience required
( expected)

Level I

Level II

Level I

Level II

Manager/ Head of department


General Director/
Deputy of general director

> 12 years

> 10 years

> 8 years

> 6 years

> 4 years

2 – 4 years

2 years

Horizontal Development Route (Technical Construction)

Experiences required

Supervising engineer 1

Supervising engineer 2

Chief Engineer

Deputy Site Manager/ Site Manager

Project Director

Technical Director/ Construction

General Director/
Deputy of General Director/strong>

> 12 years

> 10 years

> 8 years

> 6 years

> 4 years

> 2 – 4 years

Recruiting – 2 years

Employee thinking

Ms Bui Kim Son

Procurement Manager

"Descon is a part of my life, after years working here I have always prided myself as a member of the family Descon. With the spirit of enthusiasm, creativity and cohesion, we will build a sustainable development Descon home... "

Ms Pham Thi Ngoc

Member of Supervisory Board

"I have worked closely and be a member of Descon family over 10 years, I love the team spirit of co-workers in the company. That makes the job successfully. The results of our work comes from the spirit of team work, dedication and our effort... "

Mr Huynh Hoai Nhat

Project Director

"... I have met a few friends work in the same construction industry with me, they expressed their desire to be involved in working at Descon, because: 'I have seen in Descon major changes, I see the future of Descon, and with the executive apparatus of the Board of Directors today, Descon very soon will become one of the leading professional company in the field of construction. "

Mr Đang Tran Thai

Tender Director

"... I chose to stick and grow with Descon because I saw the possibility of the development and success of Descon through the right strategy and the proper orientation of the leadership. Besides, consensus and cohesion of Descon is also a factor in ensuring the success of the Company. "

Mr Nguyen Thanh Lam

Project Director

"Descon always create environment and opportunities for all staff develop themselves which is worthy of their capacity. I am striving and making effort everyday to achieve the objectives set out in the future and I believe I can do it at Descon. "

Mr Phan Thanh Thai

Project Director

"The enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit of leadership, passion and solidarity of other staffs was an extra motivation for me to stick and dedicate myself to Descon"

Ms Nguyen Tuong Vi

Client Contract Specialist

"As a young person, I choose dynamic and professional working environment to be able to develop the ability to think and to gain experience. 2 years working in Descon helped me mature and a lot more complete. Descon gave me a much better working environment than I wanted. "

Ms Nguyen Thi Minh Hang

ISO & Document Control Specialist

"... The policy of Descon imbued with humanity in the relationship between company and employees, colleagues, customers and communities ... create exciting working environment and opportunities for long-term commitment to all other staffs. This is the premise for the sustainable development of Descon. "

Mr Pham Hai Đang

Deputy QA/QC Manager

"The professional working environment, friendly people unite together in harmony. That was my feeling when entering Descon. It also is my motivation to always keep striving, learning from peers to complete and more mature in doing my job. "

Experienced Personnel

Full name Position Qualification Typical Projects Experience
Mr David Robert Crowder Project Director Civil Engineer Has been involved in high rise building projects in Hong Kong, UK, Vietnam, Cambodia and India, etc. 30 years
Mr Le Quang Thinh Industrial Construction Director Civil Engineer FV Hospital, VISIP I Apartment, Phong Phu Textile Factory, New Toto Factory, etc. 30 years
Mr Bui Dao Thai Son Project Director Civil Engineer Bitexco Building, Times Square Building, New Pearl Building, Zen Plaza Building, etc. 26 years
Mr. Nguyen Dinh Duy Deputy General Director Civil Engineer Vedan Factory, Vinakoye steel Factory, Holcim Factory, etc. 25 years
Mr. Nguyen Tien Khoa Technical Director Ph.D. in Construction Technology Diamond Island Residences, Vincom Center, Ha Tien 1 Cement Factory, etc. 21 years
Mr. Tran Tien Dat R&D Director Civil Engineer Cao Bang Provincial Party Committee Office, Formosa Textile Factory, Coopmart Supermarket, etc. 25 years
Mr. Phan Huu Hiep Site Manager Civil Engineer Suzuki Factory, The Manor Building, PEB - Dong Xuyen IP Factory, etc. 23 years
Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hieu Business Development Director Civil Engineer Mekong Transport & Flood Protection Project, Tan Son Nhat International Terminal, Ben Luc Bridge, etc. 17 years
Mr. Le Nhan Hien Deputy General Director Civil Engineer ABI Beer Factory, VBL Tien Giang Factory, Diamond Island Residences, Khanh Hoi Department, etc. 15 years
Mr. Luong Phan Hoang Hai Project Director Civil Engineer Binh Khanh Residence, Dong Dieu Residence, Investco Babylon Building, etc. 15 years
Mr. Trinh Thanh Viet Project Director Civil Engineer Diamond Island, Long Hau Industrial Park, O Mon – Can Tho thermal power plant, etc. 12 years
Mr. Phuong Au Duc Materials Manager Civil Engineer Khanh Hoi Building, Saigon Pearl, Resort Hi-Glass Blue Ocean, Nha Trang Plaza, CENTEC Building, etc. 12 years
Mr. Dang Tran Thai Tender Director Energy Systems Dao Heuang (Laos), Rice Factory Tan-Eu (Phillipines), Molenbergnatie Coffee Factory, etc. 10 years
Mr. Le Tuan Anh Site Manager Civil Engineer Can Tho Bridge, Power plant Ca Mau, Dung Quat Oil-extracting Factory, Hoang Anh Apartment, etc. 10 years
Mr. Phan Thanh Thai Project Director Civil Engineer Franco Hospital, East-West Highway, Saigon Pearl, Vincom Center Dist.1, Sunrise City... 10 years